Closing out the 2021 Shipping Season

The sailing season is coming to an end.

This past year, 2021, was our hope of getting over the chaos that 2020 had brought our world. This season brought several laid up vessels back into service. We also had a few that never left the dock due to long term storage and a fire. The amount of utilization by the steel mills increased and thus, increasing the need for iron ore.

As we reflect the past sailing season, let us not forget the sailors we have lost in the past and recently. We continue to work with due diligence and do our best to be aware of our surroundings. But one thing we can't forget, "The sea doesn't care about you."

The winter fleets are arriving at their berths day by day. Sailors are ready to get home and enjoy some much needed family time. Boat watchers take this time to enjoy the boats coming into the yards and seeing the work done on them. We continue to watch these gentle giants change throughout the years. We hope the crews of the vessels and those working over the winter stay safe.

On other notes, we are looking to get our coffee to other freighters! If you or anyone know someone who works on The Great Lakes, please contact us! This picture was our coffee on the Joseph L. Block this week! What freighter will be next?


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Lakeboat Coffee Company

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